Work Navigator

Read Maria´s story: Guidance and introspection while managing an organisation in transformation

Maria (43), managing director in Lund:

`Shortly after entering my current job to manage a small organisation it rapidly expanded and became very popular. While managing the organisational transformation, I needed some guidance at the same time to take a deeper look into myself and into my working life.

Work Navigator promised me to discover what is beyond the surface and to become introspective. Work Navigator is a process which is constructively structured. It guides you through different layers of one self. It combines several methods which all together give you another perspective on who you are. The process with Work Navigator opened a world of values, worthiness, insights and beliefs to me. It deepened my knowledge and uncovered my ideal job dreams, matching with my personal values and character.

I would definitely recommend Work Navigator to fellow professionals, when they are open to step into their inner world and when they are in need for some professional guidance. We are all seeking and could be lost at some point. Work Navigator helps you gently but firm to uncover your inner wishes. `


Read Sameera´s story: Work Navigator helped me to build up my future in my new homeland

Sameera (28 years) fled to Sweden together with her family four years ago. Because of that she was unable to finish her studies at the university in Damascus. Coming to Sweden she learned two new languages Swedish and English and had vocational training as an accounting assistant. Still, she felt restless and could not find a job she was really happy with.

Sameera: `I wanted a better understanding of who I am and what work suits me. To see if I was on track. Doing Work Navigator in 8 weeks was a journey for me. Sonja asked me questions no one has ever asked me before. There was a lot of room to talk about my feelings and the way I perceive things. The process itself was very motivating. I know myself better now: this is me. That makes me feel much better. Doing Work Navigator made me discover a lot about myself, both my strengths and weaknesses, my values and drives. I have learnt how to improve my mindset, learnt to see the options and benefits. I know now what areas fit me best, made a choice and I am taking steps to get there. What has helped me a lot is learning to take initiative and take charge over my life again. I have a clear focus now on what I really want. I have self-confidence again. And maybe the best thing: I am taking concrete steps to get there.`