Center for Work Health

Paul Baart, director Dutch Center for Work Health:

´Sonja Bleuland van Oordt is a goal-oriented networker, with insight into structures and an eye for people. She is innovative and an inspiring professional guide on the topic of work and health.

The Center for Work Health in the Netherlands worked with Sonja Bleuland van Oordt in consecutive occasions. First in her role as Head of the Policy Department on Working Conditions at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, and then as a program director at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Sonja is one of the initiatiors of the Work Health Committee in the Netherlands. A collaborative initiative of employer organisations, industry,  insurers and scientists. The committee aims to increase knowledge, awareness, and social and political agenda-setting of the importance of good, healthy work. With specific attention to sustainable employability, psychosocial workload and working with a chronic condition.

We collaborated in an international exchange visit with private and public organisations on occupational health and workplace health promotion. The lessons learned international had an immediate impact on her executive programs.

Sonja has built an extensive network of organisations contributing to sustainable health management not only within their own organisation but she also convinced them to contribute to an inclusive and healthier society with more activities.

Within the Fit for Work program we worked together when Sonja was initiating an innovative national hackathon in the field of occupational and organisational health: Good Workathon. This hackathon aimed at enhancing job retention for people with a chronic disorder by integrating policies and solutions in health care, education, housing and work.´