Schuttelaar & Partners consultancy

Jacqueline Vink, strategical advisor at Schuttelaar & Partners consultancy:

´I worked with Sonja Bleuland van Oordt to start a national movement to enhance the vitality of the elderly. After making an inventory report on the problems and opportunities on this theme, we have collaborated in organizing a social debate with representatives of the elderly organisations, the business community, science, health care and the residential sector to test the basis for starting joint action. There was a lot of support and willingness to do so, and afterwards we organized some meetings to give direction to the efforts and activities of the various participating stakeholders. If you work with Sonja, you can be certain that the job is done. She puts a dot on the horizon, knows what is going on among the stakeholders and can bring parties together thanks to her open attitude and understanding of things. She does this with a pleasant tenacity and monitors the broad outlines with a good eye for interests and relations. In addition, Sonja does not feel the need to come to the forefront herself. She is very nice to work with, also in her role when she gives assignments.`