Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the process in which you try to involve the relevant persons and organisations, based on their potential for making impact on what is your organisation´s purpose. In such a way you can constructively work together on this. By embracing and making use of everyone´s experience, knowledge and views you will find new perspectives, resources and co-create solutions. Your stakeholders feel heard, taken seriously and are able to contribute to what is important for them. Making longlasting impact by working together!

Do you know…

  1. Who your stakeholders are?
  2. Whom you should engage with to achieve impact?
  3. How you would engage them?

Having worked more than 15 years with building solid partnerships and stakeholder engagement, we provide:

  • Preparation phase:
    • Identifying and analysing all potential (including new) stakeholders and their interests
    • Activating relevant (new) stakeholders to contribute and work with you
  • Plan phase:
    • Designing the process outline: developing a plan on who and how to engage
    • Capacity building of your project management and stakeholders: governance, skills, resources, communication required
  • Implementation phase:
    • Facilitating and chairing meetings with stakeholders
    • Process management
  • Evaluation, monitoring and learning phase:
    • Reporting on the process and monitoring of implemented activities
    • Defining lessons learnt