Personal career coaching: Work Navigator

If you want a work situation that really makes you happy, then Work Navigator is what you have been looking for.

Work is a big part of your life. Being motivated and enthusiastic at work makes your life much more positive, fun and fulfilling. From time to time it makes sense to reflect on your working career possibilities and your future perspective. People change and grow and the situation at work does not remain the same. With Work Navigator you get the best out of your work situation. Do you want to visualize your future possibilities, find new work or do you want to find ways to adapt your current job situation? In all cases, Work Navigator is a very effective method.


Work Navigator: what is it?

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Work Navigator is a method to achieve a better work situation. Work Navigator is an individual process. A coach will guide you through the process, step by step. Within two months you know what you want to achieve and how you will get there. Work Navigator provides insight into your current work situation and what is important to you in your job. You use that insight to list your options for the future and make a clear choice. Eventually you set a clear goal and take steps towards a career that suits you completely. You take ownership of your career and bring out the best in yourself.

The individual counselling consists of 8 weekly sessions of approx. 1 ½ hours and an evaluation meeting at the end of the process.

Work Navigator always provides you with clear understanding of who you are, what you want and how to achieve it. Work Navigator helps you finding work that suits you best. That does not have to be a completely new job. Work Navigator also provides insight into improving opportunities in your current job. With Work Navigator you are able to either adapt your current job or find the right work for you. It makes your work more fun and your career more sustainable.


For whom?

Work Navigator is for you if you:

  • want to work and are currently unemployed;
  • want to change jobs;
  • need to change jobs;
  • do not like your job;
  • do not know what you really want;
  • want to achieve your ambitions and be more successful;
  • want to get more out of your career.

Work Navigator is for everyone, regardless of the number of years that you have worked or of your level of education.


What results can you expect?

The method of Work Navigator always leads to concrete results. Work Navigator gets the best out of you and helps you to take active ownership of your career.

The most important results are:

  • Insight: you will get a clear understanding of who you are, what you are good at and what is important in your work. The Work Navigator shows to what extent your current work suits you and what you could do to improve the situation. If changes are not possible, then you will discover opportunities for your future career and gain insight into the concrete steps to achieve that.
  • Possibilities: you gain insight into what options you have to improve your current work situation. If necessary, Work Navigator points the way to new opportunities in your career.
  • Self-confidence: knowing your own strengths and capabilities empowers you to take active ownership of your career.
  • Choice: you choose whether you want to stay in your current job. If you decide to stay, you choose what improvement options to implement. If you want (or need) a new job, Work Navigator helps you find several options. You choose what career will suit you best and is most realistic for you to achieve.
  • Goal and steps: you set a goal based on your work values. That goal indicates the direction of your future work situation and supports the steps you can take. The first steps are worked out in detail.


What are the working principles?

Working Navigator derives its great strength from a number of active principles in the process that reinforce each other. The most important principles are:

  • Future-oriented: the starting point of Work Navigator is your current job situation by looking at how you got there. Then we focus on your future prospects.
  • Beliefs and values: the value game is at the centre of the approach in Work Navigator. Within half an hour it determines what you value most in your work. Your core values ​​form a yardstick for every future work situation.
  • Circle of influence: Work Navigator focuses on things that you can influence yourself giving you a stronger and more energetic feeling. It makes you take ownership of your working career.
  • Chances and opportunities: Work Navigator focuses your attention on prospects and opportunities rather than on limitations and threats. This allows you to experience more fun and positivity.
  • Power of the subconscious: most things we do subconsciously and in fixed patterns. Work Navigator teaches you to use the power of your subconscious to achieve what you want.
  • Activating: by thinking in possibilities and using the power of your subconscious, you can always take the first steps towards your goal.



Work Navigator was developed and applied for the first time in the Netherlands in 2003. Right from the start it has proven to be an effective method that has already served hundreds of people. It always works, for all ages, every level of education and all sectors, both profit and non-profit. In 2018 Work Navigator was introduced in Sweden, by Humanwise AB which was licensed by the Dutch founding company Werknavigator to execute this method in Sweden. The Dutch and Swedish coaches work closely together.


What does it cost?

Work Navigator is a clear defined process consisting of 8 weekly sessions of approximately 1½ hours and an evaluation meeting at the end of the process. Contact us if you want more information about Work navigator. If you are interested in pilot testing in your organisation, we are happy to discuss this with you. The costs of coaching with Work Navigator depend on the number of people that will be coached in your organisation. Find out more about our interesting offers and send an email to or call us on +46 (0)720024638.