About us

Sonja Bleuland van Oordt

After working 23 years for the Dutch national government on social and public health issues, I questioned myself: what else do I want in life? I wanted an other life: simple and sustainable. To honestly engage and work together with others. To make a meaningful contribution to society. As simple as that.

My husband and I took the chance to give up everything we had, and moved from the Netherlands to Sweden in 2017. I made the decision to start Humanwise, a company that enables and supports organisations and individuals in developing sustainable solutions. Humanwise will always place people and their passions in the center. On an individual level and on an organisation level. We enable, empower, coach: we support you to make the difference!

In the Netherlands I have built up a proven track record when it comes to developing new approaches, building networks and coalitions, stakeholder engagement and public affairs. The last 4 years I have set up and led the Dutch National Health Prevention Program, in which I developed a new approach to achieve sustainable impact by involving and activating more than 3100 stakeholder organisations (companies, local governments, sports clubs, health care, schools, ngo´s) to contribute to a healthier life style in the Netherlands. Have a look at: http://allesisgezondheid.nl

What drives me?

I am driven to make a positive impact on an individual and a societal level. I love to empower and enable people to get the best out of themselves and their organisations. I help to solve social issues by bringing innovations in the approach. By engaging stakeholders the commitment to contribute to real social impact is enlarged.

In depth expertise and experience in the field of health prevention, public health, occupational health & safety, sustainable employability, career development, public affairs, building partnerships, change management and corporate social responsibility.

Key qualities: innovative, inspiring, socially driven, networker, facilitator, optimistic & energetic.


Susanna Kugelberg

My name is Susanna Kugelberg and I can safely say that my entire work life has been related to sustainable development. Working as a public policy expert from a global or regional perspective, at WHO, UNESCO, European Commission and UN Economic Council for Europe has given me hands-on experience on the connection between a range of social issues such as sustainable food systems, chronic diseases and obesity, gender equality and education. This broader understanding of sustainable development has made me a better policy-maker but foremost a strong believer in the importance to promote and scale-up social innovations and partnerships.

What can I offer?

I am offering consultancies to organisations and companies who lead on sustainability, but want to explore more novel and impactful ways of contributing to sustainable development.

I will enable you to achieve measurable impact.

My key qualities: broad experience, analytical & strategic and efficient & optimistic