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Strategy on social responsibility

Every organisation, public or private, should have a good understanding of their impact on society. To make the change to...

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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is the process in which you try to involve the relevant persons and organisations, based on their potential...

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Coalition building

By involving and starting dialogue with relevant stakeholders, we build up trust and mutual respect. By working closely together, we...

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Public affairs

We represent our clients and their interests among policy makers at the international, national and local level. We build up...

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Process and project management

We provide process management and project management services on an interim basis. We are specialized in processes and projects that...

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Personal career coaching: Work Navigator

If you want a work situation that really makes you happy, then Work Navigator is what you have been looking...

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Our Team

Sonja Bleuland van Oordt


Hermann van Holt MEM, managing-director Sardes

In 2017-2018 I worked together for a year with Sonja Bleuland van Oordt in the implementation of the program ´All about Health`. In her role as head of the program office, Sonja was responsible for the daily management and future development of the program. I have got to know her as a self-conscious, decisive, hands-on manager and executor who is at the same time open to new ways and not-everyday solutions. Sonja has a pioneering spirit, knows how to find the balance in the political field, and anticipates on what is coming. This way she and her colleagues have managed within three years to create a network of thousands of organizations that are all committed to a healthier and more vital Netherlands. An admirable result!

Sardes Managing-director @ Sardes

Jacqueline Vink, strategical advisor at Schuttelaar & Partners consultancy:

´I worked with Sonja Bleuland van Oordt to start a national movement to enhance the vitality of the elderly. After making an inventory report on the problems and opportunities on this theme, we have collaborated in organizing a social debate with representatives of the elderly organisations, the business community, science, health care and the residential sector to test the basis for starting joint action. There was a lot of support and willingness to do so, and afterwards we organized some meetings to give direction to the efforts and activities of the various participating stakeholders. If you work with Sonja, you can be certain that the job is done. She puts a dot on the horizon, knows what is going on among the stakeholders and can bring parties together thanks to her open attitude and understanding of things. She does this with a pleasant tenacity and monitors the broad outlines with a good eye for interests and relations. In addition, Sonja does not feel the need to come to the forefront herself. She is very nice to work with, also in her role when she gives assignments.`

Schuttelaar & Partners consultancy

Paul Baart, director Dutch Center for Work Health:

´Sonja Bleuland van Oordt is a goal-oriented networker, with insight into structures and an eye for people. She is innovative and an inspiring professional guide on the topic of work and health.

The Center for Work Health in the Netherlands worked with Sonja Bleuland van Oordt in consecutive occasions. First in her role as Head of the Policy Department on Working Conditions at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, and then as a program director at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports.

Sonja is one of the initiatiors of the Work Health Committee in the Netherlands. A collaborative initiative of employer organisations, industry,  insurers and scientists. The committee aims to increase knowledge, awareness, and social and political agenda-setting of the importance of good, healthy work. With specific attention to sustainable employability, psychosocial workload and working with a chronic condition.

We collaborated in an international exchange visit with private and public organisations on occupational health and workplace health promotion. The lessons learned international had an immediate impact on her executive programs.

Sonja has built an extensive network of organisations contributing to sustainable health management not only within their own organisation but she also convinced them to contribute to an inclusive and healthier society with more activities.

Within the Fit for Work program we worked together when Sonja was initiating an innovative national hackathon in the field of occupational and organisational health: Good Workathon. This hackathon aimed at enhancing job retention for people with a chronic disorder by integrating policies and solutions in health care, education, housing and work.´


Center for Work Health Director @ Dutch Center for Work Health

Victor Stöcker, program manager of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports:

´After a 2.5-year collaboration in the National Health Prevention Program ´All about Health´ I can say that Sonja Bleuland van Oordt is dedicated, faithful, driven and results-oriented. In this assignment from the Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, she was the program director and she has achieved more than was expected. She has maintained her course even at times when pressure was exerted to change course. Based on her wish to give real meaning to cooperation between government and society, she and her team have started a movement within the Netherlands. A unique collaboration in the Netherlands between private organizations, private and public, and between public organizations with the aim of creating a healthy living environment. Sonja believes that every organization, big or small, is able and prepared to contribute to a healthy society. Sonja has the strength to connect, she speaks the language of business, health care institutions and the government and has the heart of a professional. These skills have helped her to commit more than 3,000 organizations within the Netherlands to contribute to the program, signed up for in 375 pledges . By having everyone contribute within their own capabilities and work collectively. Sonja is a team player, she stimulates and inspires her team to go a step further. Her drive does not stand in the way of her ability to self-reflect and accept the opinion of others, but she remains focused on the final result.

Personally, I greatly appreciate Sonja for her honesty, her tenacity and her openness. If she believes in it, she will. If not, she will let you know. I look back on a fascinating and inspiring collaboration. I can heartily recommend her.`


Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sports Program Manager @ Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports

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